Managing student behaviour

Nurturing positive environments that impact progress

Tute believes that behaviour and progress are intrinsically linked. We’re therefore committed to creating a positive learning environment underpinned by high- quality teaching, aspirations for all, and a culture of praise, recognition and self- discipline.

Here is everything you need to know about how we help create and manage a learning environment where students may work purposefully, feel secure, happy, and confident. 

Behaviour for learning policy

Our full behaviour for learning policy from purpose, aims, expectations, interventions, boundaries and review.

Behaviour for learning crib sheet

How we manage your students and what we expect of them during our online lessons including our do’s and don’ts.

Student progress and engagement assessment

Our assessment and reporting guidelines of how we define if a student is meeting our behaviour standards.

Behaviour for learning process

Our process and procedures for if a student doesn’t meet our expected standard for behaviour during a lesson.

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