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English for speakers of
other languages

Essential, real-life English language
learning for under 16s

Many individuals and families are arriving in the UK with an immediate need to acquire language skills and cultural knowledge that will enable them to settle into a new society 

Here at Tute, our ESOL provision is dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals on their language learning journey. We understand the importance of building confidence in acquiring a new language, and our focus is on real-life English language, fostering essential speaking and listening skills through interactive and engaging online lessons.

Whether individuals are starting from scratch or seeking to build on existing language skills, our qualified and experienced ESOL specialists are dedicated to supporting them to achieve the best outcomes.

Meet Penny…
Tute’s ESOL lead teacher

Why Tute for ESOL


Tute's ESOL curriculum encompasses a range of lessons, starting from everyday language and pre-entry levels, catering to newcomers in the UK, extending to entry level 3.

learning paths

Addressing the diverse needs and abilities of students, our programmes accommodate those starting from scratch, as well as those seeking to build on existing language skills.

small-group lessons

With no more than 12 students in a lesson, the small-group and collaborative nature enables them to develop their speaking and listening skills with confidence.

Qualified, experienced ESOL specialists

Our lessons are delivered live by qualified, passionate teachers who specialise in ESOL teaching, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide learners.

Accessible and convenient

Enrolment is quick and easy, enabling immediate support, and students can access their lessons on any device, from any location. We provide translated video tutorials showing students how to access their lessons.

online classroom

Tute's online classroom, the Learning Cloud, is built specifically for teaching and learning, facilitating engagement and participation.


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. All Tute staff, not just teachers, are DBS checked and are trained to identify and report safeguarding concerns.

progress tracking

Detailed dashboard for real-time tracking of attendance, progress, and engagement, enabling close monitoring of progression, whatever that may look like.

How we can help

ESOL Virtual School

About the programme

Tute’s ESOL Virtual School provides a structured timetable of lessons aligned with the adult ESOL Skills for Life curriculum and the Bell Foundation EAL assessment framework. These lessons cater to recently arrived migrant primary and secondary children, including those awaiting placement in school or a post-16 language college. 

This programme is a pivotal resource for new UK arrivals, offering immediate language support, facilitating smoother integration into mainstream school or ESOL college.

At a glance

Everyday language

About the programme

Our Everyday language is an 8-week programme (6-weeks for primary aged) for newly arrived individuals in the UK, focusing on essential spoken English for everyday use.

Tailored for upper key stage 2 to key stage 4 individuals awaiting school placement, this programme delivers practical language skills necessary for community interaction and school readiness, ensuring that lessons are age-appropriate and directly relevant to the individual’s developmental needs.


At a glance

*This programme is also available for private commission, where only your selected individuals join the lessons. You have the flexibility to choose the content, timetable the lessons, and pay per group (10 students) per lesson.

Purpose-built online classroom

Tute’s award-winning online classroom, the Learning Cloud, is built specifically to facilitate teaching and learning.

Within our small-group lessons, collaboration, interactivity, and the expertise of our teachers all create an opportunity for students to thrive, to build confidence, and to make progress.

In our ESOL lessons, this dynamic is particularly pronounced. Students benefit from substantial interaction with both their teacher and peers, a crucial factor when acquiring speaking and listening skills.

90% of students
enjoy Tute ESOL lessons
92% of students
feel that they make progress in Tute lessons
99% of students
feel safe in Tute lessons
99% of students
feel that their responses are valued in Tute lessons
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Track progress, engagement, and attendance with ease

Our partners (education settings we partner with) have access to their own portal in Tute’s platform to view student information.

After every lesson, Tute teachers assess student progress and engagement in the platform against the scheme of learning objectives. They also provide a suggestion for the students’ progress.

Attendance is tracked in each lesson. If a student has not attended within 5 minutes, designated contacts (including guardians, if you wish) receive an email notification.

Our partners can access comprehensive and summarised information through the platform, with the option to download reports for seamless sharing.

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