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Long-term alternative provision, online

A quality solution when traditional routes are falling short

In an educational landscape where the statutory duty to provide quality education to every student is increasingly challenging, finding effective solutions is not just important; it is essential. With student needs evolving, traditional options either reaching capacity or proving unsuitable, and budget constraints intensifying, the task of meeting educational obligations is not just challenging—it’s nearing impossibility.

Tute understand urgency and necessity for suitable alternative provision. We deliver a flexible, inclusive, and engaging online solution tailored to meet the diverse and evolving needs of students who encounter barriers in traditional educational settings.

With Tute, you gain a dedicated partner who ensures every student receives the education they need and deserve, despite the daunting challenges faced. 


Practical, effective learning with Tute:
our approach to alternative education

We go beyond understanding the AP challenge; we actively address it with a high-quality, rich and inclusive curriculum

Our qualified teachers have built a meaningful curriculum for students in key stages 3-5 (including GCSEs and A levels) that has intent, focusing on the essential knowledge and skills our students need. Implemented our defined online pedagogy in our interactive online classroom, we ensure accessible and engaging learning. The impact of our curriculum is reflected in our students’ engagement, attendance, and progress.

Student in our classrooms may have labels (PEX, SEMH, EBSA, SEND…) but we see beyond them here. Tute often becomes a lifeline for these students and their families, often serving as their primary or sole source of education. We are very proud that our students thrive.  

If attendance is low, we address it. If engagement is low, we address it. If progress is lacking, we address it. Our team works with you, the commissioner, to ensure that our students have the best chance of success. We are a partner, not a provider.  

Meet Charlotte…
a former Tute student who couldn’t attend mainstream due to anxiety

Why Tute for long-term alternative provision

Quick and easy enrolment within 48hrs

Enables urgent intervention for students in need of immediate support, facilitating education settings to meet their statutory obligation

Broad and balanced curriculum, from KS3-5

Schemes of learning mapped to the national curriculum and main exam boards, to ensure parity with peers in mainstream

Qualified, supportive teachers

Live lessons delivered by Tute's qualified teachers. We wake care of all the teaching and learning, the education setting takes care of any exam entries

Purpose-built online classroom

The Learning Cloud, is built specifically for teaching and learning facilitating student engagement and participation


Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. All Tute staff, not just teachers, are DBS checked and are trained to identify and report safeguarding concerns


With no more than 12 students in a lesson, the small-group and collaborative nature enables students to grow in confidence and make real progress

progress tracking

Detailed dashboard for real-time tracking of attendance, progress, and engagement, enabling close monitoring of progression, whatever that may look like

and accessible

Flexibility to enrol any number of students in any combination of programmes, at any time, ensuring a tailored approach for each students' needs

We'd love to hear from you

We’re here to listen to your needs, and the needs of your students. Let’s discuss how Tute can best be of support!

How Tute supports education settings with AEP


in need of a genuine learning alternative for students

Non-mainstream settings

in need of a creative approach to
increase capacity

Local authorities

in need of a swift solution for
excluded students

KS3 Courses

GCSE Courses

A Level Courses

Functional Skills Courses

Purpose-built online classroom

Tute’s award-winning online classroom, the Learning Cloud, is built specifically to facilitate teaching and learning.
The small-group nature, collaboration, environment, interactivity, and expertise of our teachers all create an opportunity for students to thrive, to build confidence, and to make progress.
Students can access their Tute lessons from any device and location.

Track progress, engagement, and attendance with ease

Our partners have access to their own portal in Tute’s platform to view student information.

After every lesson, Tute teachers assess student progress and engagement in the platform against the scheme of learning objectives. They also provide a suggestion for the students’ progress.

Attendance is tracked in each lesson. If a student has not attended within 5 minutes, designated contacts (including parents if you wish) receive an email notification.

Our partners can access comprehensive and summarised information through the platform, with the option to download reports for seamless sharing.

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