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What is best for your school:
Tuition Partner, school-led tutoring, or both?




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What is Tute talking about?

In this webinar, we will be comparing the National Tutoring Programmes Tuition Partner and School-led Tutoring. Both routes are designed to address the impact of Covid 19 on students’ educational outcomes but are different in their funding streams and structure.

One or the other might be better suited to your school and students’ needs, or maybe both would work (you can use both alongside each other!).

We will tell you how Tute offers both and how they are helping other other schools to improve outcomes.

Why is Tute talking about it?

We know that tuition works and the NTP recommends that schools use all available subsidised tuition routes to meet the different needs of their students. The aim of this webinar is to clarify both offers and how Tute can help you use both in your school.

Why is this webinar for you?

All schools are addressing the effects of the pandemic on their students. All teachers want a solution to help their students; tutoring is one of those. If you are currently exploring available tuition options and considering how to make best use of the funding allocated to your school, this webinar will provide a detailed insight to Tute’s offer.


We hope to see you there!