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National Tutoring Programme

Use your 15% extra funding for School-led tuition to provide summer school provision for your students

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National Tutoring Programme - Summer School

As part of the NTP’s school-led tuition offer, the DfE is giving schools an extra 15% of funding to provide tuition during the summer holidays.

Tute’s qualified teachers deliver high-quality, impactful tuition. We are a partner, not just a provider!

Build a targeted tuition programme

Select from our KS1 – KS4 schemes of learning, or provide specific learning objectives that our qualified teacher will use to build a bespoke learning programme – available if booked before 16 July 2022.

Deliver continuous learning for your students

Maximise your funding by running summer tuition. Not only can it further raise the attainment of your current students, it can also provide effective transition for new year 7s. Timetables can work around your students who can access from home with Tute staff on hand to help throughout.

Add capacity and improve outcomes

Evidence shows that just 15 hours of targeted tuition can advance student progress by 4 months. Our impact and evaluation research tells us that Tute tuition is effective with 96% of students reporting that they have made progress. 

Book a tuition programme to be delivered before summer - 22 July 2022

The National Tutoring Programme funding for the current academic year will end soon

Tute has delivered over 100,000 lessons to over 15,000

Virtual Environment

Your students will attend high-quality, live lessons in Tute's safeguarded, purpose-built online classroom - The Learning Cloud

Real Teachers

All teachers are fully qualified, experienced, and passionate about supporting students. All are subject to Tute’s rigorous safer recruitment process and training, are DBS-checked, and have undertaken Level 2 safeguarding training

Real Outcomes

Your students will follow targeted learning programmes , will grow in confidence, and will achieve measurable outcomes

Access your Summer School funding today

The National Tutoring Programme funding for the current academic year will end soon

Use your NTP funding before 31 August 2022 - it's easy!

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Recommended schools, LAs and non-mainstream settings

Simon Bush, Headteacher at the The Green Way Academy tells us why they partnered with Tute for the second year of the National Tutoring Programme.