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Platform Update

Self-service for partners, from Phill Hughes our Technology Manager

Dear partner,

I’m delighted to introduce myself and share some exciting updates coming to Tute Education’s learning platform for the next school year.

I’m Phill, technology manager here at Tute. With over nine years on the team, I’m responsible for all things tech, including our platform.

Over this past year, we have been actively listening to your feedback and implementing new functionalities to better meet the needs of our partners and students.  This summer and into the new year, we’re focusing on

  • Self-service administration
  • Improved reporting
  • Easier booking and scheduling
  • New user types (parents included!)

Our partners have expressed a desire to handle more tasks independently within our platform instead of relying on email requests. We’re thrilled to share that we’re on track to launch a suite of self-service functions from September, with details below.

We’ll share more information closer to the start of next term, including guidance videos on using these features. The other focus areas are also progressing well, with further launches anticipated in the autumn.

In the meantime, we’re here to answer any questions you might have.  We also welcome your ideas for our next platform feature – what would make using our service better? Please do let us know by completing this form.

Have a great summer,



What you do now is…

From September you will be able to…


Summary dashboard

·        Click many times to access the data you need!

·        View a comprehensive summary showing:

·        Current curriculums

·        Active students

·        Active lessons

·        Active programmes

·        Average progress and engagement chart

·        Average attendance chart

·        Quick view of contacts


We will keep improving this dashboard

·        Quick access to critical data

·        Improved efficiency in monitoring and reporting

·        Better insights into student and programme performance

·        Report simply to senior leaders

Weekly summary report

·        Download a report from the platform when you need data or ask us to do that for you

·        Receive, to your email, a weekly summary report every Monday with data for the previous week

·        Save time and effort

·        Aid timely decision-making

Create and edit student accounts

·        Provide us with student details when enrolling onto provision and we create an account 

·        Request us to make any changes to the student’s details



·        Create student accounts yourself!

·        Create them either individually or in bulk with a spreadsheet

·        Make changes and update details as and when you want 


·        Greater control and flexibility

·        Faster enrolment process

·        Reduced admin burden

Create and edit accounts for colleagues

·        Provide us with colleague details and we create an account 

·        Request us to make any changes

·        Create colleague accounts yourself!

·        Make changes and update details as and when you want

·        Apply permissions so that different users can access different data  

·        Greater control and flexibility

·        Faster enrolment process

·        Reduced admin burden

Create and edit accounts for parents

·        Provide us with parent details and we’d create a link teacher account (or you give them the information you access in the platform)

·        Request us to make any changes

·        Create a parent-specific account

·        Edit details and remove access

·        Engage parents

·        Reduce admin burden

·        Enhance communication between parents and you  

·        Allow parents to track student progress directly

·        Increase parental involvement in student learning

·        Provide parents with real-time updates on student engagement

Withdraw students from provision

·        Contact us by email or form to ask for students to be withdrawn from provision

·        Withdraw students directly from the platform

·        Instantaneous updates

·        Easier management of student status

·        Even more flexibility in provision

·        Cost savings

Provide EHCP

·        Upload the EHCP via a link we share

·        Send to our SEND team if the link expires

·        Save EHCP directly in the platform

·        More secure and reliable

·        Direct access for relevant staff

·        Improved teaching and learning

Access lesson recording/playbacks

·        Go to each individual lesson to play a recording 

·        View a list of recordings available

·        Timesaving

·        Easier access

Contacting us

·        Contact us via email or phone

·        Contact us directly in the platform

·        Streamlined communication

·        Faster response times

In-app feature tours/guides

·        Ask us for support on how to use the platform

·        Click on helpful user guides directly in the platform

·        Immediate assistance

·        Improved user experience

Feature announcements

·        Receive updates on platform features via our newsletter

·        Access a hub to discover what’s new and what’s coming

·        Find and utilise new features immediately

·        Regular updates as features become available

·        Everything you need in one place

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