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Learning Programmes

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From a unique one-off lesson to a made to measure course; a Tute Learning Programme can fill the gap.

Tute’s Learning Programmes (LPs) was our first curriculum and allowed us to learn our craft. Whilst we have other “off-the-shelf” options, LPs remain in demand from our schools who require schemes of learning that are planned bespoke by our teachers to target specific needs that are identified by the school. If we can build it, we will!


of students enjoy Tute lessons


of students feel that they make progress in Tute lessons


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What Key Stages and subjects does it cover?

KS1 – KS5. All subjects. If it is not listed and you want it, we will seek to recruit a teacher via our rigorous safer recruitment process with support from Tes.

How does it work?

You tell us what topics you need us to teach and our teachers will plan the Learning Programme. You will sign off on the learning objectives before the programme begins and our teachers will consult if they need to change as they monitor the students’ progress.

How much does it cost?

£100 per group, per lesson, equivalent to £8.33 per student per lesson.

Which students does it suit?  How best is it used?

Learning Programmes are used when a unique approach or set of resources are required to address student needs. A setting may lack the expertise to teach a particular topic, late enrolment to a course may require its delivery to be restructured or a setting may want to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to its students.

How is student progress tracked? 

Progress and attainment are measured against the agreed learning objectives and recorded for each student in your Progress Tracker made available to you after each lesson.

Is there a shared and private option? 

Tute’s Learning Programmes are available as a private option only which means that you determine the content, the timetable and the students who join.

What's included?

Qualified, DBS checked-teachers

Playback of all lessons

Scheme of learning that can be aligned with class teaching

Progress tracker following every lesson

Tute Learning Base

Independent learning

Data dashboard

Half-termly review

Admin support

IT support

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