Timetables by key stage

Explore Tute's shared timetables to discover what's running across our curriculums

In Tute’s shared provision, you can enroll students within 48 hours into lessons and qualifications that are already running. They will join other students to learn content that Tute determines based on need. If you would like to enrol, all you need to do is get in touch to request a booking form, or book a Tute taster lesson for your students. 

Key stage 1

At KS1, our provision exploits the enjoyment and fun that learning can offer for our youngest students.

Key stage 2

At KS2, our provision builds on the fundamental skills and knowledge gained by students in KS1.

Key stage 3

At KS3, our provision helps students to develop the skills and understanding needed to make strong progress in their learning as they approach KS4.

Key stage 4

At KS4, our provision is designed to support students to progress to positive pathways at post 16.

Key stage 5

At KS5, our provision allows students to pursue their personal passions for learning and prepares them to progress to ambitious destinations.

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