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Surrey County Council

About Surrey County Council

Surrey Online School (SOS) is an initiative that provides live online lessons to a range of pupils across the county partnering Surrey County Council and Tute Education.  The number of students with SEND is significantly above average for SOS.

Tute's purpose

Students from a Surrey school or Surrey County Council service use the online school to continue education when they’re unable to attend school, as an approved provider in a student’s EHCP, access a subject when there is no specialist in the setting they attend and enable students to access quality provision from home. 

How do SOS students rate Tute?

I enjoy Tute lessons 96%
I feel safe in Tute lessons 96%
I make progress in Tute lessons 96%
My responses are valued in Tute lessons 100%
My behaviour has allowed me to make progress 96%
There are enough independent learning materials to support me 85%
Feedback I’ve had in lessons/on homework/assignments has been valuable 100%
I am prepared for the examination/end of year assessment 73%
Learning online is better than learning in the classroom 96%
Quality of what my teacher delivers is good/excellent 96%
I would reccomend Tute to others 96%
I enjoy learning with others in my online lessons 100%

Tute's impact

Boosting progress

Over the duration of their course programmes:


Students made an average of 0.66 grades of progress


Students made an average of 0.66 grades of progress


Students made an average of 0.875 grades of progress

Improving attainment

Students attained grades 4 and above after accessing Tute Courses with Surrey Online School: 




"Our student has had a life-changing experience with Surrey Online School.
He is now contributing to lessons and has a positive outlook about his future."

What do SOS students say about Tute?

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