Quality assured by the DfE, Tute is your trusted online teaching partner

Teach on your own terms

Contracting to Tute means that you can do what you’re passionate about, when you want

Demand is rising and we need more teachers to deliver lessons and to help us achieve our vision. We know that schools are not easy places to be these days and work-life balance is often non-existent. At Tute, you tell us when you’re available and teach during those times. We provide lesson resources, schemes of learning, and provide all the training and support you need.

There are currently about 100 teachers who contract their services to us on a self-employed basis; we call them CTs (contractor teachers). Our CTs earn an average of about £440 a week, and love making a difference (from home!) without the stress and pressures of traditional settings.

*We know that mainstream can be a really great place to work and we respect and value our colleagues who do such amazing work! We also know that many teachers struggle with the workload and the increased pressures caused by today’s world.

Rob Hughes

Head of Teaching and Learning

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We want qualified, motivated, and professional teachers

Take back control of your teaching career and join Tute’s mission to create a world where online learning enables any child, anywhere to achieve their potential. 

There is more demand for English, maths, and science but we are welcoming applications from teachers who specialise in other subjects too.

Real teaching, it just
happens to be online

Earn £22
per Tute lesson

Work from home with laptop and headset

Teach in a purpose-built online classroom

Commit to delivering between 5 and 25 45-min lessons per week

Follow our
comprehensive training

Work when it suits you – mainly between 08:30 and 17:00

Resources and schemes of learning already created

Teaching online with Tute is not like teaching online during the pandemic. It is a real profession that we will support you to love!

Tute is not just company, we are a community

At Tute, we make a profound impact on the future of education. Our mission is simple: to bridge the educational gaps for children and young people through live online lessons. In today’s world, these gaps have never been wider, and our purpose has never been more relevant.

We collaborate with local authorities, schools, and non-mainstream settings to tailor our lessons into diverse curriculums, ensuring flexibility, alignment with priorities, and affordability. Last year, we delivered nearly 50,000 lessons to over 4,700 students across 253 settings, and we’re poised for 40% growth this year. We need good people to help us do that!

Join our dedicated team of 140 members (52 employed and others as valued contractors) as we expand to around 178 strong, with 70 employees. Step into a rewarding role at Tute and help us achieve our vision to create a world where online learning enables any child, anywhere to achieve their potential.

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Want to learn more about contactor teaching with Tute?

Get to know us by watching our on-demand webinar series

Explore the intricacies of contractor teaching with Tute’s Head of Teaching and Learning and the wider teaching team. You’ll also hear first-hand experiences of some of our dedicated contactor teachers

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